“Just a note to say a massive Thank you. I have just had my final meeting with Lucy. She was brilliant. Professional, massively knowledgable, explained things so clearly, understanding, sympathetic but most of all great sense of humour! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and have already benefitted from her words of wisdom  and helpful strategies. Thank you so much for recommending her”.   Rachel | Teacher | Wiltshire

“I approached Lucy mainly because I was not sleeping due to various anxieties. The initial consultation alone alerted me to the negative thought patterns I had not been consciously aware of and within one treatment session I was equipped with strategies to challenge these thoughts and effect my normal responses in a more positive way.  Gradually over the course of a few sessions I became more relaxed, confident and happy and I started sleeping well. This has been generally maintained over the last few months since I finished seeing Lucy. I now know how to approach situations that I would previously have dreaded and/or avoided by choice and that I have the ability to influence positive outcomes. The treatment I have received from Lucy is the most beneficial “luxury” I have probably every spent my money on as she has equipped me with skills I will now have for life. I have recommended Lucy and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to several friends and clients since.”  RW | Physiotherapist | Berkshire

“My daughter came skipping back in yesterday after seeing you…. She has got her old ‘mojo’ back – thank you so much for your help, it gave her something concrete to work on when she couldn’t see her way through that fog! We hadn’t realised she was hiding all the anxiety for so long – she was very brave. So… her head is up again, the humour is back and she is looking gorgeous….She has it all ahead of her. Thank you so much. She thanked us very much too, for finding you. She really appreciated your help.”  D | Oxfordshire

“This is my first experience of hypnotherapy, and I can say that it has actually changed how I think. I was in a bad way when we started, having suffered a recurrence of breast cancer and facing my second series of chemotherapy treatments. I was unable to pull myself out of the downward spiral of fear and panic. Lucy has helped me in two ways: with tools for mastering my thoughts and turning them in a positive direction, and with the therapy mp3 which I listen to every night. Over a period of weeks, together they have retrained my brain. I feel better able to cope with things generally, and I’m convinced that this is one reason why my immune system has proved really resilient to the chemo drugs. This stuff really works. I highly recommend it.” AA| Author | Businesswoman | Breast Cancer Survivor | Wiltshire

“When I heard about the Childrey Practice, I asked Lucy whether hypnotherapy could help control my nerves whilst competing and performing. I didn’t really know what to expect and wasn’t sure it would be for me; but after talking to Lucy it dawned on me that anxiety was limiting my day-to-day life as well as peak stress events, and the way I was thinking was making life really difficult. Using Lucy’s techniques for adopting positive thought processes and building self confidence has made life so much happier and easier; controlling my nerves whilst competing and performing is just an added bonus! My close friends and family have all noticed an added spring in my step. It has been a really natural and gradual process, and I’d really recommend it.” FH | Businesswoman | Mother | Oxfordshire

“Lucy shows an insightful, professional approach to hypnotherapy, leading me to try to focus on the positives in my life and my abilities. Her nursing background is evident in the quiet, caring way she deals with issues and the relaxing sessions in her calm clinic space allow me to look at things I do from a different perspective.”  JB | Mother | Oxfordshire

“Through hypnotherapy, Lucy Gilroy helped me achieve my objective quickly and easily in a personal, friendly & relaxed environment. This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and has been very rewarding; Lucy made me feel totally at ease. Our sessions made it feel as though I was talking to a friend. I’m very happy with the results & I’ve already recommended The Childrey Practice to friends and family.”  JN | Entrepreneur | Oxfordshire

“Before hypnotherapy life at that time was stressful, I was unhappy, couldn’t focus or sleep and I felt alone.  It has given me the skills to be more positive and to understand why I was feeling that way and therefore was able to turn things around. It has been hugely beneficial. Thank you Lucy.”  LC | Singer, Teacher, Mother | Oxfordshire

“Just wanted you to know that you are fab and that session really transformed my day!! Thank you.” RC | Oxfordshire

“Thank you so much for seeing my son. He really enjoyed his time with you and is very happy to come back. He seemed immediately happier in the car on the way home and more chatty and animated.  Almost like relief was flooding through him..” LP |Mother |Oxfordshire

“It was with some surprise that I realised, after my daughter’s diagnosis of a life changing incurable illness, that I was grinding to a halt, not sleeping, not coping and prone to outbursts of uncontrollable tears. Having been used to coping with huge stresses as mother of a (now 43 year old) child who was born with a learning disability and much more that life threw at me besides, I couldn’t fathom why I just didn’t cope as usual. I was well practised. However, coping I was not. Nor could I concentrate, function on a daily level or organise my life – all alien and uncomfortable scenarios. When a friend suggested a form of therapy that included hypnotherapy it conjured all sorts of strange ideas – I could not have been more wrong. When Lucy’s therapy sessions began, I quickly realised that this was something I could both understand and trust.  Clear explanations of exactly what was happening in my brain and how I could regain some control over that, gave me hope. Lucy’s friendly questions and very active listening allowed me to explore why I was feeling this way and how to move forward. I enjoyed our conversations and frequently found we were sharing laughter. The hypnotherapy part, I can only describe as achieving the deepest form of relaxation you can imagine whilst remaining awake. You continue to be aware of your surroundings and totally in control, whilst listening to Lucy’s voice. I was always more than a little reluctant for the delicious relaxation to come to an end!  As I learned how to cope, how to sleep, how to stop creating horrific scenarios in my mind and much else, so I grew calmer and stronger. I continue to have all the same pressures of life, but am now enabled to enjoy life’s pleasures once again, feel more grounded and better placed to make decisions.  I would gladly recommend Lucy to help any of my own friends or loved ones and have the utmost respect for her huge amount of knowledge and skill. Thanks to Lucy, I am “me” again.”  VC | Mother | Campaigner | Wiltshire

“38 years to suffer in silence is a very long time, in brief at the age of 11 an incident happened in the classroom that shattered my confidence and as a result it affected my whole life since, by not wanting to socialise, dreaded any attention in the presence of others, even entering a room where there are either a lot of people or certain people with stature are present. I became a very shy person and would deliberately make excuses so I didn’t have to attend family functions.  This affected me even more so within the workplace as I have been in management since I was 18 years old, maybe not the best job to pick given my suffering, however this all came to ahead when my position at work changed and I was promoted to a Senior Directors position within a company which was very high profile, 18mths in and one day as I sat on the sofa questioning myself why was I so nervous about walking into the open plan office to the point where I had to take a deep breath until I got to the other side, I said to myself I need to deal with this head on and proceeded to google “hypnotherapist & Psychotherapy” in the local area and up popped “Lucy Gilroy”. I made contact and not long after I attended the 1st session, I remember that I was really nervous just before I met Lucy for the 1st time but quickly she made me feel very welcome and relaxed with her friendly personality. We sat and talked for an hour and she made me feel that I could talk to her about anything, I really did open up & explained the suffering that I had been and was still going through, this was something that I had never told anyone, after each session I could feel the real benefit of Lucy’s therapy and after a short number of sessions Lucy had transformed me, I am a changed man, fully confident with a positive outlook and learning how to deal with what were difficult and awkward situations that I had been avoiding for so many years. Something as simple a fearing to enter the office has gone I don’t even think about it anymore I just walk in very relaxed and confident, thank you Lucy for changing my life for the better, its appreciated”  IPS| Company Director | Oxfordshire

“Lucy is really nice and friendly. She helped me to learn about the brain and made me feel less worried, in fact I don’t worry now and I feel more confident to do new things.”   EP | aged 10

“I contacted Lucy to see if she could help my daughter cope with her anxieties. Lucy asked me to meet with her before my daughters first session and took a thorough record of my daughters problems. Lucy clearly explained how she worked and how the sessions would run so I was comfortable and was able to explain in advance to my daughter. Lucy is so friendly, approachable and caring, she put my daughter at ease immediately and gradually guided her through her thought processes. Lucy showed her how the brain worked, how to change the way she reacted to worry triggers and teaching her tools to use in the future should she need them. When my daughter first started with Lucy she said that she “didn’t worry 39% of the time” and now, after 7 sessions she “didn’t worry 92% of the time”.  It’s two months since we last saw Lucy and I watch my daughter using the tools Lucy has given her. It’s such a joy to have our happy go lucky girl back again.”   Mother | Wantage

I never really thought of having hypnotherapy before but when my anxiety/fears got the better of me I was recommended to go and see Lucy. I’m so glad I did as I couldn’t eat, sleep properly and general day to day life was becoming very hard as my anxiety and phobia was trying to get the better of me. I spoke to Lucy on the phone and she seemed genuine and to actually understand me, so I booked an appointment. I am so much better now I actually feel like my old self again and it’s all because of taking that step and going to see her. I cannot recommend going and seeing her enough and I would be a completely different person if I hadn’t done and not in a good way! Thank you Lucy for everything not only did you understand what I was going through and genuinely wanted to help, but you have managed to get me to see a lot of things in a different light and I can differentiate between what the reality of the situation actually is rather than the reality my head thought it was!  CH | Secretary|Oxfordshire

I felt very comfortable speaking with Lucy from the very first session and I was surprised how open I could me about my issues. l very quickly became aware of the positive changes that were occurring in me and many others noticed too. I have certainly benefited hugely from seeing Lucy, both in terms of my personal and professional life. I cannot thank her enough.                 SG | Accountant | Abingdon

I had a call to a dear friend this week and I couldn’t recommend hypnotherapy and your skills more highly. You are personable, open, kind but suitably challenging to get the best from our session.  Whilst not the primary motive, your sessions allow me to stay in the present, appreciate being happy now and stay calm. In the past 6 months (during my time with you) I have moved house twice, moved to a more challenging job, arranged and got married and have a building project at home. Each step I have taken in my stride, with calmness and confidence. Any slight wobble, I was able to recognise and work through. I have had built stronger relationships because of it, and through increasing my self awareness and how my brain works.  My drive to meet with you was to get rid of my phobia of needles. Within 2 sessions I had acupuncture and have had blood tests with ease since. Now to sign up to giving blood. I see with logic and am able to control the response more easily.  I found every session thoroughly relaxing and came out re-energized for the week ahead.  SB | Senior Manager | Oxfordshire

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