Children & Adolescents

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for ChildrenLucy Gilroy 16

Life can be challenging for our children too; physical growth, problems at school or with friends, exam pressures can all contribute to stress and loss of self-esteem.

All children will experience emotion and upset during their childhood years, but when the problem gets in the way of their everyday life, they may need some tools to help them understand and cope in certain situations.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in helping your child overcome emotional or psychological difficulties. Areas like anxiety, aggression, self confidence & low self-esteem, fears & phobias, sleep problems, unwanted habits/thumb sucking/nail biting, bed wetting, food issues, stuttering & stammering can be addressed.

“Lucy is really nice and friendly. She helped me to learn about the brain and made me feel less worried, in fact I don’t worry now and I feel more confident to do new things.”   EP, aged 10

“I contacted Lucy to see if she could help my daughter cope with her anxieties. Lucy asked me to meet with her before my daughters first session and took a thorough record of my daughters problems. Lucy clearly explained how she worked and how the sessions would run so I was comfortable and was able to explain in advance to my daughter. Lucy is so friendly, approachable and caring, she put my daughter at ease immediately and gradually guided her through her thought processes. Lucy showed her how the brain worked, how to change the way she reacted to worry triggers and teaching her tools to use in the future should she need them. When my daughter first started with Lucy she said that she “didn’t worry 39% of the time” and now, after 7 sessions she “didn’t worry 92% of the time”.  It’s two months since we last saw Lucy and I watch my daughter using the tools Lucy has given her. It’s such a joy to have our happy go lucky girl back again.  Mother | Wantage

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