Living Well Cancer Programmes

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective way of supporting patients with cancer and assisting those who have completed treatment to recover well both physically and emotionally.

Everybody responds to a diagnosis of cancer differently, for some the news can be seen as a life challenge, for many of course it is devastating. Likewise, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery can have different outcomes on physical and mental health.  This can depend on many factors such as previous health, the type or intensity of treatment, social support and so on.  After treatment, emotional feelings can sometimes take patients by surprise.  It is not unusual to expect a feeling of relief and elation but instead be confronted with unexplained anxiety or feelings of depression.

Based on Lucy’s oncology nursing and psychotherapy experience she has developed these Living Well Programmes to help empower patients to cope better and recover in the best way possible.  This is done using a combination of interventions which may include:

  • goal setting
  • relaxation
  • visualisation
  • guided imagery
  • cognitive therapy
  • mindfulness
  • mind-body education
  • health education

TCP Living Well 8 Week Cancer Programmes are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.  These interventions can help with

  • adjusting to life after cancer
  • building resilience and coping strategies
  • boosting immunity through relaxation
  • coping better with an uncertain future
  • specific fears such as claustrophobia or needles
  • reduction in symptoms such as nausea or fear or nausea
  • stress reduction
  • advice on healthy lifestyle

Therapy is designed to run alongside conventional surgical and oncological treatments and is not a replacement for standard medical treatment offered by your treatment centre.

This is my first experience of hypnotherapy, and I can say that it has actually changed how I think.  I was in a bad way when we started, having suffered a recurrence of breast cancer and facing my second series of chemotherapy treatments.  I was unable to pull myself out of the downward spiral of fear and panic.  Lucy has helped me in two ways:  with tools for mastering my thoughts and turning them in a positive direction, and with the therapy mp3 which I listen to every night.  Over a period of weeks, together they have retrained my brain.  I feel better able to cope with things generally, and I’m convinced that this is one reason why my immune system has proved really resilient to the chemo drugs.  This stuff really works.  I highly recommend it.”  | V. Wiltshire |

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